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Healthy Money Presents: Farm Talk 5

Eric learns why they say the early bird gets the worm, and why the patient bird gets the fruit.
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The Learning Garden

One of the pleasures of building this garden is the way others can get involved. There’s something delightful about connecting over plants, the way someone remarks about the height of the beanstalk, or else sees a cucumber plant for the first time, or else the excitement in eating a fresh cherry tomato. It’s a simple gift to be able to offer, and so fulfilling when others come to share.

Of course, there’s always something to do in a garden, whether it’s weeding or watering, planting or harvesting. As a caretaker, I’m responsible for ensuring basic health, and for me, much of that work is a pleasure (as long as I’m not trying to squeeze it all in). But best of all is when I can put someone else to work, in belief that all visitors are capable of lending a hand, and most seem eager to do so.

For myself, I know I’ve screwed up a number of times; breaking a branch while tying up a tomato plant, or mistakenly uprooting a cabbage when it was the romaine that was set to be pulled out. And I see that hesitation in the face of my friends, wanting to get it right, being unsure that they know the best way to go.

The remarkable thing about the garden is that it’s absolutely forgiving. So what that the branch broke, others will grow. Oh well that the cabbage is done, it’s more room for the turnip seeds.

That’s why I like to think of this as a Learning Garden. It takes the pressure off from what’s ‘supposed’ to happen. There’s ease in being amateur, self-taught and inexperienced. It’s understood that things won’t work out as expected. It’s challenging the impulse to seek the support of an expert. And so for me, this little backyard grove is suggesting that we’re more capable than we might have otherwise realized.

Episode 28: Putting It Out There

Conversation with communications consultant Mare Swallow.

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